Success Stories

“Karyn knows that not all people are the same – not all taste buds are the same – and not all bodies are the same, and she takes that to heart when building out nutritional plans.  She helps to build a confidence in you proving you CAN achieve the goals you want, whether short term or long term.

Annie Corbett

I combined health coaching with the meal prep & delivery service.  You can tell Karyn really cares, and is passionate about what she’s doing.   I can’t say enough about her food! She takes the time and care to customize meals to what I like, while also coming up with new and interesting recipes. Everything she makes tastes super fresh and healthy, and I genuinely look forward to lunch every day.

Rosalind Pressman

The meals that Karyn makes are healthy, filling & perfect for me because I hate cooking. I can easily grab one of the meals when I’m hungry and feel good about what I’m putting in my body. She makes the most delicious avocado sauce and turkey burgers!

Laura Sirotkin

Deciding to make a life change can be scary, but with the help of Karyn, I was able to set goals and break them. I now feel like a new person, ready to take on new challenges each day.  I am happier, healthier and overall in a great place.  I appreciate Karyn’s hard work, commitment to my self-improvement, advice, great attitude and depth of knowledge of the human body.

Tracey Fallon

Karyn’s meals are great! They’re always made from in season and well-sourced combinations of ingredients, the thought she puts into them is very apparent.  I was never one for “healthy” food, but these are satisfying dishes that fill you up and will not leave you hungry.  You ‘ll notice that in just the course of a few days, you feel better and have more energy.  If you change what you eat, you’ll change how you feel.


I wanted to  learn how to properly fuel my work outs, Karyn helped me curb my sugar cravings while also adopting healthy eating habits that left me feeling fueled and satisfied. She coached me through meal planning, balancing my goals without overly restricting my life, and being patient about seeing progress.  She kept me motivated and gave me all the resources needed to make this a lifetime change.  Aside from having more energy and feeling strong, I also lost 12 lbs.  without feeling like I was ever on a diet.

Susie Mariduena Barrett

I sought out Karyn’s advice for nutrition & meal planning.  I was putting all the work in the gym, but didn’t see the results I wanted.  We went over what I was eating and how that might have been impacting my goals. She devised a meal plan for me that was easy to follow, tasted great & kept me full. I’m really proud to say that at the end of the 4 weeks I was able to lose 12 pounds and feel great!

Javier Alvarado

Thanks to the knowledge and advice that Karyn shared, I feel I can make better choices when it comes to fulfilling meals and snacks. Through personal and specific recipes along with tailored lessons, Karyn approached every topic imaginable to make sure my meal plan covered every aspect of my day to day life without having to compromise the foods and flavors I loved.  My favorite lesson: ‘Your bodily health is an investment, so you can never invest too much in good, wholesome ingredients that do a body’

Sarah Myers

I never realized how bad most of my diet was until I became Happy Belly Strong.  With Karyn’s coaching, I quickly began to notice significant changes!  I wasn’t bloated, my skin was brighter and clear, I was sleeping better, my tendency toward anxiety and depression waned.   I live over 1,100 miles away, she made me feel like I was worth the process, that I was worth her time, and that it was worth my commitment.  For the first time, I was enjoying the process and not only looking to the end result.

Natalie Saucier